I remember the first time I heard Edwin Birdsong's 'Cola Bottle Baby'. It's a groovy song, but that's not what struck me. If you're like me, you would be more familiar with the song that used those grooves: Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

At first I was shocked. I had listened to Daft Punk's Discovery album a gazillion times, and I loved it. It turns out Daft Punk is not very explicit about their use of samples and the originals their songs are derived from. After the shock died down, however, I realised I probably liked Daft Punk's versions better than the originals. In a way they were hommages to the originals. And not only that, but because of my interest in the Daft Punk songs, I had suddenly discovered a whole new universe of grooves that I otherwise would've probably never had touched upon.

This website is a testiment to that first realisation of how one song influences another, not by stealing, but by standing upon the shoulders of those artists and grooves that came before. Sometimes a good cover can open up great songs to a new audience. Sometimes that cover is better than the original, sometimes it's a parody, sometimes it's a whole different style, and sometimes it's just plain, ear-piercing horrible. But every cover is an hommage to its original. That's why every song deserves a cover.

— Dumky de Wilde, 2017

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