How to Become Self-Supporting in Everyday Life?

How to become self-supporting in everyday life?

One arrives in this world with no knowledge of what the world is. Even it does not know what it is. The only thing that a newborn baby can do is cry. Gradually, it learns how to feed itself with its mother's breast and other things. In this learning process, one learns everything that is required for living life till the mid-20s. One can live on one's own at this age and can handle full life. Though it is a different thing that not everyone can lead his life smoothly, but can live with his own.

A child needs various works like packing a lunchbox, washing clothes and lunch box, making the bed, etc. to be done by others but a teenager or adult does not have such requirements. A teenager or an adult can, without anyone's assistance, handle the works that make him lead his everyday life.

Most people do not support themselves in everyday life. They rely on others for getting their small day-to-day work done. It doesn't matter for themselves whether they can handle their work or not, they always try to give the responsibility of their basic work to others.

In this article, I am going to discuss the ways to become self-supporting in everyday life. Remember, I won't be discussing relying on ourselves for our expenses as I am not qualified to talk about this and this is not a part of this article.

So, let's start.

What Does It Mean to Be Self-Supporting?

When we talk just about the word, it has a very wide meaning which, if we start discussing, may end up like a thousand or more words. The range cannot be defined as it varies from person to person. For one, self-supporting may mean getting every work done by oneself while for others it may mean just getting some tiny works done without anyone's help.

What here we are going to discuss is the contextual meaning which is widely used nowadays. Self-supporting means not taking the assistance of others for carrying our day-to-day activities like cooking, getting ready for work, bathing, washing clothes, and maintaining our workspace healthy and hygienic.

It means doing something which is totally meant for us and is not going to affect others if not done correctly. Its consequences are limited upon ourselves.

Let's take an example. You return from school with your clothes full of dirt. You leave them in the laundry thinking that someone from your family will wash them. The next day when you are getting ready for school, you realize that no one washed your clothes. In such a circumstance either you have to take a leave or go to school in those clothes.

In both of these circumstances, nothing bad or good will happen to others. It is just you who will be affected. Others may just care, they can't bear your pain.

Activities Included in the Word 'Self Supporting'

There are various activities that are included in this word which all differ from person to person. As for every person, there is a different routine, different surrounding, and different needs, we cannot compare all of them on just a single basis. For one, cooking can be a self-supporting activity while for others, it can be a time-consuming activity with no actual benefits.

Some activities give a massive benefit to a person and if these are given to others may result in a big loss of time. Every person has a unique lifestyle and therefore, has a different opinion regarding self-supporting activities.

Let me discuss some of these activities here.

1. Things That Don't Need Much Time

Those activities for which we do not have enough time and can be given to others without much worry cannot be considered as self-supporting activities. Though these activities, if not done in the right way, can affect us the chances of these getting done wrongly are very low. So, we can easily handle these to others.

The type of activities that we are discussing in this section is one that does not need much time for execution. We can do them in our spare time or while doing other things and if focussed on specifically, don't need a great amount of time.

Such activities are washing our handkerchiefs, cleaning our shoes, arranging books or other work materials, cleaning our two or four-wheeler vehicles, etc.

2. Things That We Generally Handle to Others

When we ask our younger siblings or other members of our family to bring some water for us, we are doing nothing more than making ourselves lazy. We don't need anyone's help in such things but we still handle them to others and when they refuse to do these for us, we get angry.

Instead of handling them to others if do them ourselves, we will be more active than before. Doing such activities is one of the top options for us to get rid of laziness.

In this category of activities, getting our food ready, putting our clothes in the bathroom, bringing water for us, etc. are included.

So, avoid handling such activities to others.

3. Things That Start Our Day

Now comes the most important type of activities without which starting our day seems like living the whole day without brushing our teeth. Starting the day with a fully active morning generally has a positive impact on our whole day. The whole race of a racer depends upon a good starting. If the athlete becomes lazy at the start of the race, the whole race is going to be against him.

These activities are making our bed off, cleaning our room and workplace, getting our bathroom ready on ourselves, washing our utensils and dishes on ourselves, etc.

When Should You Choose This Path?

When you feel that it is only you who should handle your day-to-day work, then is the right time for you to get on the way to becoming self-supporting. Nothing outside you should affect you whether you want to be a self-supporting person or not. Though the source of motivation can be an outer one, the motivation should always come from your inner body.

Whenever this inner motive to support yourself becomes heavy on the other thoughts of your mind, you should start walking on the path of self-support. 

I exactly don't remember but I was somewhere around 8 years when I started washing my clothes on my own. Before that, my mother used to wash them for me. I started washing my non-school dresses once in two or three days. The school uniform with which, as you can think, most of my time was spent, I used to wash every single day.

Though the frequency of washing clothes changed from time to time, I continued this process on my own till I was 16. You can imagine how it feels like when you do such work at a very young age and continue it for almost eight years. Thereafter, sometime my mother used to wash them and sometimes I. 

Now, when I am around 20, I have again started doing this on my own. I make my bed and clean my room on my own. This is one of those things that motivate me.

As you can see, my journey started when I was 8. Meanwhile, I partially discontinued it for four years and now again going on the same path with some depth. If you want to walk on this path, there is no fixed age. Whatever your age is now, is the best time to start working on it.

So, start just now because no time is better than now.

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