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Disclaimer: This is rubbish and muddy short article which is of no use for you if you don't want to follow Ganpat Rawat(Twitter handle's link), the author of Uncoverify. This article is just a short announcement about what and when the author wants to publish on Uncoverify.

Announcement on Uncoverify by Ganpat Rawat

It was 14th September 2021 when I bought this domain, i.e., Since then I published a lot of different things on Uncoverify and deleted them. Some of them were of my interest while others were just here because some bloggers published the same on their blogs.

For some time, I watched others' videos and converted them into articles while for another time, I read articles on the internet, paraphrased them manually, and published them on Uncoverify. I wandered from a lot of niches like pets, environment, movies, technology, writing, crypto, etc. but could not focus on one for more than one month.

Whenever I decided on my niche, I saw some google trends in it, read some blogs, watched youtube videos, and started writing about a particular topic. After writing one such article, I started hunting for another one in the same niche. Writing about such a particular niche bored me and therefore, I could not stick to a niche.

I did not follow any algorithm of publishing. Sometimes, I decided to write one article every two days, while for some time I decided to publish one article every single day. 

This confusion in me made me a person with an unstable mind. I could not decide what and when I should write. Whenever I tried to choose a routine for publishing, I got bored and thoughts of quitting the passion of writing came to my mind.

What's the Announcement?

First, I decided to not stick to a niche, I will be writing about whatever I am interested in, whatever excites me, and whatever I want to know about. But do not take this blog as a blog just for the author(me), it is primarily for you. I will write about something that I like but the majority of thoughts will be of value to you. Every piece of content on Uncoverify will be from my perspective but will be serving you.

Second, I won't be publishing very often. As I told you above, I cannot write every two or three days because I don't have a writing itch. I am trying to develop a habit of writing which can't be done if I set a very strong routine for publishing.

The decision is that I will be publishing atleast one article every Monday. Remember, I said atleast one. This means I may publish three, four, or ten(which I do not think is possible) articles in a week but there is a surety that you will get one article every Monday.

So, be ready to come here on Uncoverify every Monday, you will get something valuable. 

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