Why Visiting a Doctor Is Not Always the Solution?

Why visiting a doctor is not always the solution?

If you have serious pain in your stomach and you visit a doctor in your locality, what would you expect from the doctor as a patient? Would you like to be given advice based on the tests conducted by him or just be happy with whatever random medicines and pieces of advice he gives?

What if I say to you that in most cases your doctor gives you medicines just to sell them or give you treatment just to earn money?

Is it totally true or not, let me express my thoughts in this article.

Let's Start With a Story?

One day, my sister-in-law, whom I call bhojai(the wife of my elder brother), and my niece had pain in their stomachs. For bhojai, it was due to the unsuccessful surgery of internal organs which was done in a private hospital in our district while we didn't know what caused the pain in the stomach of my niece.

My family members visited the hospital many times due to intermittent pain in the stomach of both. Here, I am going to focus on my niece.

The first time, when my niece was taken to the doctor.

"What is the problem, you came here?", the doctor asked.

"She is having pain in her stomach and we don't know what caused it.", my elder brother said.

The doctor then did some random checkups by touching her stomach, hand, neck and gave some medicines and injections.

"She will be fine after taking these medicines, take care of these"

There was no relaxation in the pain and therefore she was once again taken to the doctor. What he did is nothing but repeated the same process and changed the medicines. I guess he replaced the previous medicines with some high-power medicines.

Again after the second visit, it didn't get cured, and this way she was taken to the hospital continuously for a week or more, sometimes three times a day. During this period, we visited two to three doctors but it didn't get cured.

I only went to the doctor one time and noticed that he did not do any specific test to detect the disease. He just gave some random medicines. When we asked him what is the problem with her, he said that he has given all types of medicines that he knew could treat the pain. He has given medicines for ulcers, germs, constipation, etc.

How Do the Local Doctors Treat Their Patients?

The story that I told you here is a real one and I am not adding any clueless information to this. It is just what happened in my real life.

In our locality or wherever I see the doctors running their business in their home or in their own clinics, they don't do any major checkups before giving a medication to the patient. They just do stuff like checking with a stethoscope, touching the throat, and looking at the body part. Most of their advice is just based on what we say to them.

Yes, these are some of the important things and when the patient first visits them, it is obvious to do such checkups. What if you visit the doctor 5 or more times, still the doctor does not do anything other than replace the medicines? He asks you to again visit him if you don't get cured.

Why do they not ask you to visit any specialist in your area or in the nearest urban center? Why do they want you to visit them again and again even if they can't treat your disease?

Yes, they will definitely ask you to visit a higher doctor when the problem takes its worst form.

Should We Leave Visiting the Doctors?

This is not actually the message that I want to convey here. Neither everyone is a selfish doctor nor you should believe in every doctor. The characteristics of a doctor that I discussed above do not apply to everyone but to a major part of the doctor's community.

Before visiting any doctor, first, try to see the past of his treatments and when you go to him, please notice what he is checking up on in your body. If he does the same thing when you visit him a third or fourth time, just switch to another specialist.

The second time, you visit a doctor, ask him to test well so that the problem can be better detected and thus better solved.

If you read this so far, then you must give me your thoughts in the comment section. Let me know if you faced something like what I faced.

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